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Stretch Dungeon: Want to Give This Super Creepy Game a Try?

Published: 2016-09-28 11:57:55 | Clicks:40 | Author:

If you have played Stretch Dungeon game, you should know that it is a game about a guy that has been locked up for way too long, a living dungeon, and spikes… lots of spikes… Your mission in this game is to control the living dungeon in order to help your captive escape. Do you like creepy things? This game will bring you to a amazing world, just read on!

Who knows, perhaps after years of living together, you (the Dungeon) began to feel sorry for the old guy? We don’t know, but your mission is to bounce the old guy around spikes, swords, smashing spike covered boulders, and more in order to help him escape to safety.

Although what you are doing is very kind, the way in which you do it is just a little creepy. By touching on the screen of your device all the dungeon walls will suddenly contract, pulling in on itself like some kind of bodily organ (i.e. Disgusting ) and by releasing it will relax, again like some kind of bodily organ…

Using those contracting and relaxing controls, you will be required to bounce your captive around the dungeon while trying to avoid danger. Although extremely creepy at first, (Especially if you’re the type who can’t watch open heart surgery on tv) the game itself is extremely well made and feels like your typical Nitrome quality game.

Want to give this super creepy game a try? Just download and play it! You will feel amazing. Don’t forget to get more Stretch Dungeon tips from here. By the way, if you want to get other mobile app games cheats, just focus on our site, because we are the best mobile strategy games news website!