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Strategies for Clash of Clans Farming Town Hall 4

Published: 2014-09-27 10:46:00 | Clicks:315 | Author: mobile strategy games


In Clash of Clans, your farming strategy should vary according to town hall level. In the last article, we introduce the strategy for level 2&3. Here, we give guide for town level 4.

At Town Hall level 4, not much changes from level 3. The recommended Trophy range is 800 or less. You can upgrade your Army Camp another time, so your troop capacity will increase from 70 to 80. You can Just make Barbarians and attacking each time your troops are ready.

Frequent, medium-sized raids will be what brings in most of the resources at this level range. Shoot for 35k gold and 35k elixir per raid at a minimum, or 50k of one resource.

There is no need worry about Giants or Archers at this stage. Many players will start to think they need to use Giants, but remember that Giants cost a lot of Elixir. Given that most enemies you will be farming off of only have a single Mortar, you should not need anything other than Barbarians and maybe a Wallbreaker or two. The key thing to remember at Town Hall 4 is that you barely need any resources to upgrade your buildings, walls, and complete research. Your primary goal is to just be attacking constantly.

Most of your big raids will be from collectors that are full. Look for elixir collectors that have turned a dark shade of pink – this indicates they are full of resources. You will nab your biggest raids off of these types of raids. The best part about them is that collectors and mines tend to be the most exposed, making them easy for your Barbarians to get. In the future updates, we will continue offering the tips for Clash of Clans farming in other levels of town hall.