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Steps to Play The Room Three Walkthrough for Chapter 4

Published: 2015-11-10 14:52:01 | Clicks:56 | Author:

Hi, guys. As your best mobile game site, we offer plenty of mobile strategy games. But in here, We focus on The Room Three game to share you some tips in gaming. I believe many players are puzzled with this chapter, and donnot know how to pass it.

As you know, the Room Three walkthrough in chapter 4 appeared a beauty, which is the third installment. It's big, bold, tricky, and hard to complete, but don’t worry, there are some steps to help you out. If you want to play more, just go to appgamenews to download differently interesting mobile games.

Ten steps to through it easily for The Room Three ios.
1. Find the fountain again and place the fourth pyramid on the white triangle. Take the leather-bound book.
2. Go through this doorway and find the book stand. Place the book on it to reveal a hidden doorway into an elevator.
3. Turn the handle to “UP” and it will take you upstairs.
4. Go through the archway and light up all the bulbs again with the plus/minus puzzle. Pull the lever/switch by the window.
5. Flip all four switches on the tripod and press the button. Time for another radio. But first, read the Craftsman’s letter and pick up the screwdriver.
6. The radio device is missing its insides. So go back to the fountain and through this door. Use the screwdriver to remove the screw on the radio device in here and take the electrical component from inside.
7. Go back upstairs through the elevator and place the electrical component into the radio.
8. You’re now I’m what appears to be an observatory with a giant telescope. Turn this wheel to open the window and access the telescope.
9. Zoom in on the lens. It’s cracked and broken. Take it and discard it.
10. Look at the star chart over here. There’s a puzzle next to it. You need to rotate the different pieces to light up the four red orbs. Then take the etched glass disc.

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