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Starlit Adventures Gameplay Cheats adventure platformer games

Published: 2015-11-25 10:09:18 | Clicks:47 | Author:

I've been playing the upcoming Starlit Adventures Cheats today and I'm really enjoying it. It manages to get a simple mechanic (you are descending to the bottom of the level) and cleverly embellish it with so many other ideas that you'll constantly be pleasantly surprised . In order to descend, you dig sideways or downwards, but at the same time you can land on enemies' heads, push blocks at them, unlock various suits with special powers, and so on. Some levels play like an arcade top free strategy games while others are more puzzle-like, and this constant shift keeps the game fresh (at least for as far as I played it). There's also an 'Infinite Tower' where you can try and beat your friends and so on, and so on.
Even though I’m not always a big fan of the free-to-play titles that are so popular nowadays, I think Starlit Adventures video is rather fun and enjoyable for the whole family. The graphics are cute, the music is charming, the controls are simple but take time to master, and the gameplay itself is challenging and entertaining. While there are in-app purchases, they are completely optional and not necessary to get through the game. Energy is not used up for each attempt as well, which is nice.
The Starlit Adventures online game, which is suitable for all ages, features clever controls especially designed for touch screens, it's a cute fantasy universe full of adorable characters, beautiful visuals and a wide range of gameplay mechanics that deliver a console quality on mobile platforms. I recommend giving Starlit Adventures Gameplay a try if you like adventure platformer games with a dash of puzzle solving. You can find Starlit Adventures Cheats on the App Store as a universal download games for android .