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Special Weekend Tips for Playing Battlehand Game

Published: 2016-01-15 15:55:41 | Clicks:24 | Author:

Hey, guys! Weekend is coming. What will you do for these two days? If you do not have any plan yet, can check and make free mobile game download of the popular mobile games via our professional mobile game site. Currently Battlehand game and Surfingers game ect are available on our website. Now we will update more related information about Battlehand for you.
The cheats provided as below will be for Battlehand ios:
Auto Battle when Grinding
Eventually, you will have to start grinding: this means play completed stages over and over again to gain extra experience, coins and items. That’s a good moment to start using Auto Battle. The option is available when you complete a stage (stars don’t matter), but the results of an Auto Battle won’t count towards stars in a stage. In other words, if you complete a stage with one star and the Auto Battle meets all the requirements for 3 stars, you won’t get the extra stars – you have to manually do it. But if you want to save time, speed up the game using the arrows in the upper left corner when in battle and use the Auto option!
Don’t forget about each hero’s special power!
As you perform actions in the game, the meter on the right fills up and when completely filled, you can unleash their special skill – the Hero Trait. Don’t forget to activate them as soon as they’re unlocked to make all battles a lot easier.
Hope these information will help you know better about this game and have more fun. We will keep updating more related news for mobile app games, if you want to have a try with more other mobile video games, feel free to check on our website!