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Special Tricks for Playing Lara Croft Go Game

Published: 2015-09-02 18:01:43 | Clicks:17 | Author:

How about your experience with Lara Croft Go game? Wish you can enjoy some good time with it. And it is available to check free game cheats on our website. What’s more, other mobile game such as Ski Sarafi 2 game and Breakneck game ect. Wish you will like them! Currently we would like to provide some useful info about Lara Croft Go for you!
Lara Croft Go strategy we want to share with you for today:
You need to watch your steps
Some spaces will have visible cracks before you step on them. That’s a warning sign you need to heed, as the first step will cause the space to partially collapse, while returning a second time to that spot on the ground will make the whole thing give way, leading to … well, death.
You’ll also find the same cracks on walls, and the same rule applies. You can land on that space once, but not twice. Doing so doesn’t cause your instant demise though, it merely makes Lara fall straight down. If there’s a valid space below, she’ll be just fine, so you can actually use collapsing walls to your advantage in certain situations.
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