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Something You Need to Know About Empires & Allies

Published: 2015-07-17 16:45:39 | Clicks:303 | Author:

Get the latest App game news and mobile phone game cheats here! If you love the strategic battle games, then you should try this Empires & Allies. It requires you to build a strong base for defense and attack smartly. Here read our Empires & Allies cheats for earning coins below and improve your performance in such mobile strategy games. No matter you are a new player or an advanced player, don’t miss the free game cheats!
Coins are the primary currency. Many buildings and actions have different additional ingredients in terms of other resources, but for almost everything you'll find you need to keep that river of gold flowing. Fortunately, there are several ways to get money. Get Empires and Allies download for free now!
Building a Market building (currently found below Farms in the Industry tab) allows you to sell what resources (such as wood, oil, and ore) you don't need for extra coins. When you build your market, simply click on it to select what you want to sell (and how much of it to offload), and you'll be a rich, rich despot.
Housing buildings are your first option, and most easy way. Early buildings will produce a little amount of coins every few minutes, while the larger buildings that unlock at later levels will unleash a massive tide of wealth, but only do so once every day or two.
Your farm is the other way, Agriculture. Farms will allow you to regularly harvest Crops and turn them into Coins. That will make more crops available to you (thus letting you make use of even more farms) as you level. We will keep updating strategy guides for Empires & Allies game here! Just wait patiently!
Network. To earn more empires and allies coins, get your friends involved. "Allies" is in the title for a reason! Friends can give you money whenever you need it, or you can trade each other resources as necessary. Invest in a friend's empire and then tax them! 
Hope these apps game cheats can assist you play better in Empires & Allies game! What’s more, there are much more other top free strategy games provided! Come and find your favorite ones!