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Share Some Useful Rust Bucket Cheats with You

Published: 2015-12-29 14:45:04 | Clicks:36 | Author:

More and more people like to play mobile games in recent years. Playing mobile games is definitely a good choice to relax yourself. You must know our site if you are a big fan of mobile games. appgamenews.com is a professional site for mobile games cheats. There are also many top free strategy games on our site. What I want to recommend to you is an amazing game named Rust Bucket. You can't miss this game if you like to play adventure games. Our site offer you Rust Bucket ios free download. 
Here are some Rust Bucket cheats for you. What you need to do in Rust Bucket is to take a step, swipe into enemies to attack. You need to plan ahead and learn how each of your steps will affect the movement of dungeons when performing your action. Don't forget to hit the C tiles. This serves as your checkpoints in game especially in the main level-based game. So in case that you die in game, instead of going back to the very beginning, the checkpoint will saves you. 
Besides that, when you run out of moves with enemies such s the skulls, you will be able to reset their position by simply hitting the checkpoints. Always stay alert of the red cross since it will come to the game over if you move to that spot. In the mean time, just learn how the monsters respond to you. In each level, you may meet plenty of monsters around, and you do not have to pursue them. Whatever, you need to dodge them and fight if you are strong enough. 
Hope these Rust Bucket cheats could be useful. Keep your eyes here if you want to know how to get high score in Rust Bucket. We can offer you top free game cheats to help you play the game better. The latest Rust Bucket review is also available here. You can also get free download of many others mobile strategy games here.