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Riptide GP Renegade Cheats For Getting High Score

Published: 2016-09-01 17:48:21 | Clicks:25 | Author:

Want to know how to get high score in Riptide GP Renegade? Appgamenews.com can help you with the professional Riptide GP Renegade cheats. Read the following parts for more details. By the way, there are many mobile strategy games at our site. They are all free to play. 
In one, a rocket ship takes off and the blast causes huge ripples in the water. In another, cops on jetskis try to nudge you off track and massive gunships float past to become impromptu ramps. Times like this, Riptide really leans in to its arcade influences: the campy retro thrills of Hydro Thunder and Jet Moto. And when you're doing crazy stunts, breaking through glass, and doing a nitro-boost into first place the game is a lot of fun.
More often, though, Renegade plays it straight. The graphics are realistic - showing off the power of the iPad, but not Vector Unit's imagination. The colours are muted and the music is a tad bland. And those story bits? Oof. Let's not mention them.
And, for the most part, the racing can be rather tame as well. There's not an overwhelming sense of speed outside of the expert mode, racers rarely tussle for first place, the jumps aren't as huge as you might like, and the splashes aren't the mini tsunamis you might expect.Which leaves Renegade - much like the other Riptide games - feeling like a pretty standard racing game, only on a lumpy road that jiggles about sometimes.
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