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Play Tropical Wars Strategy Guide Better to Have More Fun

Published: 2016-04-28 11:19:31 | Clicks:38 | Author:

Tropical Wars Cheats is a free-to-play game designed mainly for computer tablets and smartphones in which you manage the administration of a city and wage sea battles. We want our multiplayer to be complete, captivating and fun in accordance with our quality standards. In order to achieve this, we drew inspiration from the mechanics of famous video top free strategy games.
The aim is to create and develop both an island and a flotilla owned by the player. In addition to regular ships, the player will be in charge of a more powerful, unsinkable vessel, his “hero”. The object is to help one’s island grow and cause one’s hero to gain experience by fighting other players. The gameplay, the story and the universe are deeper than in other games.
Tropical Wars’s gameplay is close to that of the famous iOS games Backyard Monsters and Clash of Clan or of internet strategy games such as Ogame and Travian. The player gains experience step-by-step by making use of the resources one’s own as well as neighboring islands (by destroying his flotilla during sea battles). The Tropical Wars Tips player constructs buildings on his small island and then gains experience to level up. Thanks to these buildings, he will be able to put resources together whereas others will require that he expend his resources. He will also be able to set up a flotilla with special attacks and defense skills. These boats shall also be upgraded by using the resources the player has gathered. Interactions between players going on through mutual assistance, competition and alliances are the biggest part of this mobile strategy games experience.