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Play Spellbinders Game with The Useful Cheats Provided

Published: 2016-05-06 15:33:15 | Clicks:8 | Author:

Hey, guys! Weekend is coming! What about your plan for these two days? If you do not have any schedule yet, mobile strategy games provided on our website definitely will be a great choice for you. We provide the most popular games here, and update the useful game cheats for them. Like the spellbinders game. We will provide some useful cheats to play it better via this post.
Maintain control of the cannons in Spellbinders ios!
There’s one important thing to remember about Spellbinders, and that is the freedom to chase victory in whichever way you please. One such way we usually have a lot of success with is maintaining control of the cannons. Brute forcing your way into the enemy’s base for a rapid take down is an option but you can also opt for the slow “bleed-out”. Cannons will continuously fire away at your opponent’s base so as long as you have control of them. If you manage to control all three, they will charge up and after a couple of seconds hit your opponent for a massive 10 damage. While this is obviously something you try to accomplish as much as you can, remember that just keeping majority control of the cannons is enough to slowly defeat your opponent.
Lead your units into the base!
The other way to deal damage to your opponent is, as mentioned above, to lead your units directly into their base. If they can make it all the way, they will do damage directly to your opponent. The bigger and more costly the unit, the more damage they’ll do. If you want to employ this strategy, it’s usually best to focus on one lane. Send enough units in the other lanes to keep them from being completely dominated, but you’re going to want to focus on one central lane.
Hope these Spellbinders cheats we provide can help you play this game better. We will keep updating more related information for you. And if you want to enjoy many other mobile video games, our website also can provide what you need!