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Play FIFA 16 Game with These Cheats And Tips

Published: 2015-09-30 17:53:44 | Clicks:26 | Author:

Nowadays mobile strategy games become very important for modern life. People play the games when feeling very tired or boring. These games definitely provide some great time for them. Currently we can provide 11 Circle game, FIFA 16 game and HoPiKo game ect. for players. If you are interested about them, feel free to check and make download via appgamenews! Some cheats about FIFA 16 game will be provided as below:
Check FIFA 16 gameplay as below to play it better:
Controlled Speedy Passes
Passing to other team members or players makes a bigger difference this time around as the velocity of the ball can vary, which was not the case in the previous games. The evolution in FIFA comprises a freer movement of football; in the previous versions, the ball seemed to be stuck to the player but in this version the ball appears to be more free. Thus in this version of the game, velocity of the ball has a major in passing as stronger passes can cause the receiver to miss it completely.
Trainer mode and Customized Controls
Controller mode also makes a big impact on the in-game mechanics, where users have the ability to customize the type of control they are comfortable with. New players would have the trainer mode on by default which would aid in them in picking up pace, however, as the game progresses the player has the ability to change the controller depending on the way they play. 
We will keep updating more cheats for playing FIFA 16, and you can also get FIFA 16 review here. What’s more, other interesting mobile video games provided via appgamenews! Feel free to check and have a try with them!