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Play Battlehand Game Better with These Tips And Cheats

Published: 2016-01-12 16:15:43 | Clicks:129 | Author:

We have introduced Battlehand game to you before, it ha addicted many players in the mobile game marketing. If you have not started, our website will be a great place to check and make download of the game. By the way, we will also keep updating useful tips and tricks for you to lay this game better. Except for this game, we also provide other interesting mobile games, such as surfingers. 
Check the below Battlehand gameplay for you to enjoy this game:
Focus on completing the missions
In order to unlock more Heroes in Battle and progress faster through the game, you should complete Quests as they help you increase your Fame level faster and progress through the game easily. They also act like a tutorial early in the game and guide your steps through the complex world of BattleHand, which helps a lot.
Don’t do any card upgrades early on
There will be missions that will require you to upgrade your cards – only do that at the beginning, because you won’t really know at that point which cards are good and how to build a great deck (more on that later in this article). So only upgrade the minimum required to complete the quests and keep playing with your basic cards until you hit the wall and you can no longer progress through the game. Most likely, at that moment, you will have a better understanding of the game, some decent cards saved up and worth upgrading and that’s when you should focus more on upgrading.
Hope these tips for Battlehand ios will be helpful for you. We are glad to provide more useful information for you. By the way, if you want to have a try with more other mobile app games, our website can provide what you need!