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New mountain bike Unchained top android game apps for the mobile phone game

Published: 2015-10-30 11:06:43 | Clicks:49 | Author:

Bike Unchained game Full of killer tricks, awesome freestyle action and insane stunts, If you’re an adventure-seeker, you probably love games that give you the thrill of extreme sports. Red Bull Media House has unleashed some of the most radical of these games on the App Store, and now adds another to its arsenal. Bike Unchained will take you around the world for high-paced adventure in three amazing real-world locations, pushing your mountain bike and your abilities to their limits to shred some of the sweetest trails available.
New mountain bike top android game apps for the mobile phone: "Bike Unchained" it says, comes from Red Bull and is blessed with many real drivers, original components and Claudio Caluori as "Team Principal" in the game story on. We have alluded to before.
As you perform tricks in the air, your adrenaline meter will rise. At maximum adrenaline, you’ll gain a nice speed and jump boost for a short time. Try to perform as many tricks as you can – even when there aren’t any full ramps around! Watch out for small little humps and bumps that will give you a nice boost. Just be careful not to be too greedy – if you’re still in the middle of a trick animation and you hit the ground, you’ll lose all of your speed! Also, be sure to hit the flow button right before you land for a smooth landing. This will help preserve your speed. Visit appgamenews.com Bike Unchained cheats. Click on free video games online. Enjoy!