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New Updated Cheats for Playing Skylanders SuperChargers Game

Published: 2015-11-18 16:17:36 | Clicks:22 | Author:

What is your reason for starting to play Skylanders SuperChargers game? Some people may heard about the popularity of this game, some may just want to find some methods for relaxing. Whatever the reason is, we really hope you can have fun via our professional site. Except for this game, we also provide other mobile app games, such as 11 Circle game and Zodiac Orcanon Odyssey game ect. 
Now what we would like to share with you would be some Skylanders SuperChargers gameplay.
Follow these methods to play Skylanders SuperChargers ios better:
Hop down the boxes and head towards the camera to find a Random Reward Object. On the left side of the path is a Wish Stone (or diamond). A crate moves back and forth under it so you'll have to time your jump to reach it.
At the end of the path you'll talk to James Prong about a Sea Vehicle challenge. If you don't have a Sea Vehicle or simply don't feel like tackling the challenge, jump in the pipe to the left to continue the level.
Circle the structure in the center of the pond and destroy the valves on all three sides. Also, destroy the hatches on the bottom of the pipes that hang over the water. One of them houses a Toolbox.
Enter the outtake valve and press the prompted button to dive. Dive under the spiked pipes to pass them without taking damage. After you dive under the second spiked pipe, look underwater and you'll see a vertical spiked pipe with a Toolbox on the left side. Continue down the corridor and you'll eventually find yourself back in the main area.
Hope these Skylanders SuperChargers cheats will be helpful for you. And if you want to check and play other free mobile games, our website will be a great choice for you!