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Most Practical Tips and Tricks for Heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions

Published: 2015-07-23 16:46:45 | Clicks:50 | Author:

In Marvel Contest of Champions game, heroes are main characters and how can you level and rank up your own characters quickly. If you would like to get some tactics, consult our Marvel Contest of Champions cheats provided here. We are offering you the latest mobile games industry news, free app game download, and free game cheats and so on. Now, read the tips and tricks for heroes below and challenge the game from the very start!
Certain crystals will award players with heroes, and these would make up the foundation of your team. Different heroes have different attributes and special abilities, and these can be used in order to take advantage in a fight. Another thing that players can benefit from is class bonuses as this can work both for and against you.
Each hero belongs to one of six classes, namely cosmic, mutant, mystic, science, tech, and skill. Like elemental affinities in most battle games, some classes work better against others while other classes will have you at a disadvantage. This knowledge can be used especially if you know the class of the enemy you will be facing. There are also synergy bonuses where in having specific characters within the same team will yield bonus increases in stats as well. 
As for upgrading characters, coins, ISO-8, and catalysts are used to level and rank up your characters. The higher the level and rank, the better their attributes and there might be some special attacks and attributes that would be unlocked as well. Take note also that leveling up will refill your hero’s health. Otherwise, you might either have to wait or use potions so that their health would regenerate. You can download Marvel Contest of Champions game here and have fun with your friends!
Of course, it is also important to remember that you should only level up those champions that you will be using for a long period of time. Do not waste resources on heroes that you will discard later on, and they wouldn’t stand a chance against higher level opponents either way.
We will update more information about Marvel Contest of Champions in the following articles! If you are interested in iphone game news and mobile phone game cheats, keep close here! We always guarantee to provide you with the best!