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Marvel Contest of Champions Guides for Crystals and Leveling up

Published: 2015-07-28 17:00:54 | Clicks:149 | Author:

Here you can find best ios app news and free mobile game download! In previous articles, you may have read the Marvel Contest of Champions cheats for ranking and leveling your heroes. Today, more tips and tricks for leveling up and crystals will be provided here! 
First, tips for Crystals. Crystals can be acquired in a variety of ways as players can spend collected items such as units or battle chips for them as well as earn them as rewards. The game also rewards players with free crystals every four and twenty-four hours, so make sure to collect them each time they are available. Different types of crystals yield different and random prizes as they can give out champions of varying rarity, ISO-8, potions, units, energy refills, and many others. Open up crystals in the vault whenever they become available so that you can use whatever prizes you may have attained to further strengthen your team in Marvel Contest of Champions game!
And level up. By playing through quests and fighting, players will be able to earn experience points which would then give them the chance to level up. Leveling up provides players with lots of benefits such as having your energy refilled, and the game also often provides players with other prizes like coins, ISO-8, and many more. Leveling up also opens up some features that are not readily accessible previously, so gain a lot of experience in order to get the most out of the Marvel Contest of Champions!
We guess you have your own secrets and tricks to play this Marvel Contest of Champions better after playing several times! By the way, our team also keep updating practical guides for other top free strategy games for both iOS and Android systems! Stay tuned if you are interested!