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Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats You May Miss Out

Published: 2015-06-29 18:38:33 | Clicks:45 | Author:

If you are a fan of marvel heroes, Marvel Contest of Champions is the first game you will like to play. In this game, you will beat villain as a typical task of super heroes. To help you win the battle in this mobile strategy games, we are offering you some useful Marvel Contest of Champions tips online.
- Improve your primary champions. From the start, it is better to upgrade your starting champions even it is in lower tier. Actually in this game, you don’t get a lot of champions easily unless you decided to spend real cash for this game. So it is better to start upgrading what you have and improve it even it is not stronger as with higher tier. The only thing you can do here is to start with your strongest initial character.
- Make it simple. This is the rule of a thumb in playing this game though you can vary your attacks and make it complicated. But the fact is, if you are looking forward to dominate this game, it is better to keep it simply by using some basic attacks or those you can execute from simple swipes. One thing you need to do, just build your own strategy here to keep the combos going. For instance, three successful quick attacks and then a swipe back or a block or you can consider if two enemy stars to attack then you can continue with quick attacks and retreat as soon as the enemy starts blocking. 
- Complete (100%) on all quest. Actually for a quest, you have a multiply paths that you can take and you should ensure that you complete them all before moving on to the next one. From here you will get not only the 100% completion bonus but also you are able to earn more experience points and goodies for your heroes to improve your gameplay. If you missed to get the 100% completion, don’t bother to replay quest since there are some time which you need to start grinding on quests in order for you to upgrade your heroes even more and you can get it from grinding.
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