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Marvel Contest of Champions Cheats - Mastering the Combos

Published: 2015-06-04 10:36:57 | Clicks:74 | Author:

Marvel Contest of Champions is a pretty exciting and addictive fighting game. If you are a great fan of those super heroes like Superman, Spider man, and the Incredible hulk and so on. Want to know who is the strongest? Here this Marvel Contest of Champion games is your a great option for you. Consult some tips and tricks to better your skills for mobile strategy games online!
Essentially, there’s a button for blocking attacks, another for launching attacks and a third for jumping. Marvel Contest of Champions has those, but you’ll need to pay close attention to what your fingers are doing and when.
You’ll be playing Marvel Contest of Champions with the on-screen controls. Hold your finger on the left edge of your screen to block and attack. Swipe from the left edge to the right edge to quickly move around the level in that direct. Swipe from the right edge to the left edge to move quickly to the left and step out of harm’s way. Swiping quickly along the right side of the screen allows you to attack. More Marvel Contest of Champions cheats are provided at our website!
Go a few practice rounds in the game early on just to ensure that you have these controls down. Every move you make, every battle you win or lose is based on how well these simple techniques are mastered. You want to use as many combos as you possibly can. Don’t give your opponent the opportunity to land an attack and he won’t be able to fill his Special Attack meter and do heavy damage to you. This technique will come in handy a lot when you start taking on characters in the game’s built-in multiplayer.
Hope you can take advantage of Marvel Contest of Champions tips we offer! We will keep updating here, so keep close! You will fall in love with these top free strategy games. Just stay tuned and have fun!