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Marvel Contest of Champions App Game Review

Published: 2015-07-29 17:05:33 | Clicks:108 | Author:

Welcome to contest, superhero! Marvel Contest of Champions covers the most powerful heroes in Marvel universe and pit them against each other. If you a fan of them, then don’t hesitate to collect your heroes and turn them into powerful weapons to win the combats. Here you are going to get some mobile game reviews for Marvel Contest of Champions game and useful strategy guides for hot app games!
Fans of Marvel comics will definitely be able to appreciate this title with its engaging storyline and rich cast of heroes. Moreover, even those not familiar with these characters will still find it enjoyable with its exciting battle action and tons of content. There’s no choice but to surrender to the contest and to read through this guide as the fate of the universe will be in your hands. You can also find some Marvel Contest of Champions cheats update at our site!
Marvel Contest of Champions is a hero collection and battle game where in players can earn, collect, and maintain a team of heroes from the Marvel universe and pit them against other heroes. There’s a story mode as well as PvP and other special events that can be entered into, and these would provide rewards that you can use to get better champions and to improve the ones that you already have.
Battles are controlled via taps and swipes at different portions of the screen. Battle is focused towards making combos, blocking when necessary, and activating special skills that deal damage. However, most of the time having the right character to play as is much more essential than fighting ability as a lower class hero will almost have no chance against a more evolved character on a hit per hit basis.
This heroes movie actually can fulfill many people’s hero dreams and offer a chance of putting all the superheroes together and allowing them to taking part in battles. So follow our tips and tricks  to improve your performance. By the way, don’t miss other top free strategy games online!