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Marvel Contest of Champions: Tips for Level and Rank Up Hero

Published: 2015-07-17 16:42:30 | Clicks:779 | Author:

In Marvel Contest of Champions, you can level and rank up you hero so that your characters can become stronger! You will have to level them up with ISO-8 and gold. You can then increase the level cap by ranking up the heroes. Today we will share some Marvel Contest of Champions cheats on how to level up your hero. You can also check out the mobile video games here!
Ranking up your heroes unlock additional skill sets and make them much stronger. Your goal is to level them up as much as you can, rank them up, repeat the process until you max out your character. We are providing some basic information on the EXP needed per level in terms of ISO-8, as well as catalyst requirements for the ranking up process. To know more app game news, keep close here!
You level up your heroes by using both ISO-8 and Gold. Different rarity heroes require different amount of ISO-8 experience to level up. The amount of XP needed gets higher the higher level hero reaches. Some strategy guides for Marvel Contest of Champions game will be updated!  
Your catalyst can be substituted as ISO-8 experience as well. However, because they are much more rare and sometimes require special events, you should generally never use catalyst to level up your hero. Below we will list out the amount of EXP needed for each level. No matter what kinds of free mobile strategy games you love, you can always find what you are looking for at this website!
It should be noted that your heroes are capped per every 10 levels, you can rank up to increase the max level. Free mobile games cheats are provided here. Follow them to become stronger!
Feel free to check out the these Marvel Contest of Champions cheats updated! We will introduce more interesting and special games in the following articles! By the way, you can also find some new recommendation at our homepage!