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Madden NFL Mobile Some OP Member For Your Team

Published: 2015-01-27 15:51:11 | Clicks:35 | Author:

Hi! Guys! We talked about how to get or bid for your favorite players last time, have you decided to choose what members of your own team? We will offer a link for this free mobile game download, and this time, we are gonna talk about some OP players for you best choice!
The following are just some cheap but effective choices for building your team!
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New York Jets QB Geno Smith
Some players from EA official forum vote for the best cheap QB: “This fellow is the most balanced quarterback, when they played the game so far! He throws darts, and is like a more accurate edition of Micheal Vick.”
He can be a pocket passer or a scrambler depending on how you like to play. I suggest him for anyone who is starting out in MUT 15 and needs a quarterback.
Week 17 Team of the Week Geno Smith goes for about 7,700 Coins in the MUT Auction House, and he compares well to Colin Kaepernick at 10,700 Coins.
Philadelphia eagles Lane Johnson
Some raving from Rudytoots: “Why should Lane Johnson should be a Community Sleeper? For a lineman, he has fantastic 82 Speed, 95 Run Block, and insane 95 Impact Block!
"He can also lay a certain amount of boom if you throw an interception with 60 Hit Power."
Johnson’s Week 13 Football Outsiders edition goes for about 3,800 Coins in the MUT Auction House, compared to Gosder Cherilus for 6,300 Coins.
Oakland Raiders C.J Wilson
Here’s a “beastly run-stopping RE” from RiteOfExorcism: “If you're on a budget and you're looking for a run-stopping RE, I definitely recommend the gold C.J. Wilson.
"Wilson is tied for the second-highest Strength rating at his position (93). He also has 93 Tackle, which allows him to easily take down RBs when coming off a block.
"Combine that with a solid combo of 87 Power Moves and 88 Block Shedding and you get yourself a very reliable run-stopper.”
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