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Madden NFL Mobile Game Tricks

Published: 2015-01-19 16:06:12 | Clicks:55 | Author:

It’s Monday today, new start I’m thinking having some exercise after one day’s work, and then maybe it’s time to play some madden nfl mobile game. Sports game or exercise itself is very charming because the game always keep updating and add more athletes you may like, and you take part in some specific sports will make you like the game much more. Here, free mobile game download is available here as well.
Next, I will show you some of my tricks on mobile video games:
1.Choose your favorite game device, this game is available on Android and IOS system, which means most of your smartphones will be able to get started with. I myself play on a tablet with 9 inches screen, and if you have choices, I recommend Ipad, because I played with one of my friend’s and that smooth control feeling is unforgettable. 
  Also, the IOS version of Madden ran very comfortable because this tablet give you more room to swipe and jab without hitting a virtual button on an Android phone. Playing on the ipad Air or ipad Air 2 is as good as it gets at this point.
2.Don’t always think to escape from what you have just played 5 minutes here and there. I’ve so hurt because of this one. I managed to jam in some Madden in between other missions and I would find myself having to save games during mid play, or left an auction without knowing the victor. The honest truth is that the game is a life sucking style so you are going to have to invest the time to really get your return.
Don’t play a mobile game 24 hours, try to exercise more and play some more real sports activities with your friends in your life.