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Madden NFL Mobile Game Offensive Skills

Published: 2015-01-21 17:30:36 | Clicks:34 | Author:

Hello guys! Do you love playing compete or war games? Those make people blood boiling especially when beating down components! And people love mobile strategy games as well, they make you to plan, to think tactics, I love the feeling when I get more clever, and then maybe some other mobile video games may suit your needs as well, and I will offer some links below. And this time we are gonna talk about madden nfl mobile game.
Talking on the offensive skills, I think there is an old saying never could be better “Offensive is the best defensive” ,so let’s see what we can do to attack or assault and break through enemy front lines.
1.Speed kills. Big surprise right? Like what Wehrmacht do during World War 2, we call it Blitzkrieg. Especially when you’re starting out and your wins will depend more on luck than actual gaming skill, speed goes a long way. Those 10-20 yard plays suddenly have a much better chance of being 40+ yard touchdown gamechangers.
2.Skills first. It’s common sense that you invest in players that you plan on using during the game. The QB touches the ball on every play, and you want to make sure that your WR, RB, and TE are all good enough for you. To add on to this, make sure you’ve got a DE or LB that you plan on controlling on the defensive side of the ball too. 
3.Run Forrest run! Is it just me or is the computer really bad at defending the run? I’ve put together a couple different teams and the one that focused on ground-and-pound is virtually unstoppable! Maybe it’s because so many things can go wrong in the pass game, but either way, start with the running game.
4.Short passes rule! Going back to speed kills – you invest in speed so that you can turn short gains into big plays. Think of Desean Jackson or TY Hilton and how their speed and quickness make their respective QBs look good.
5.down territory. It’s always 4 down territory in Madden (unless you’ve been sacked on consecutive plays a la RG3). Plan accordingly and be confident that you can get 2.5 yards per play for the first down.