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Madden NFL Mobile Game Hints: What is Madden NFL and How to Play?

Published: 2015-01-14 11:56:09 | Clicks:146 | Author:

We are getting for the band new EA Madden NFL Mobile Game, it is an exciting and amazing sports game on IOS or Android platform, which mainly need touch control. Now this Free mobile game download is offered here on our website!
EA give chances for social contact, that’s what they do well in mobile game marketing, you will join or build up leagues which will includes up to 32 players support your match! In leagues, player are allowed to join up with friends or play as components, you need to plan your strategy just like the mobile strategy game: Game of War Fire Age.
To access the mode, just tap the Leagues button from the main start interface to the other HUB. But you can only access that only reach Level 5.
:D How to control the game?
Player will be controlled on the field by using Analog Stick on the screen or touch control turned on tap and be held in the direction you wish to do.
How to launch offensive skill moves?
Offensive skills can be performed by tapping the skill moves button while running with the ball. Offensive skill moves include stiff arm, dive and spin.
How to pass the football?
When you chose a passing play form play call, you will use the analog stick to move your QB around the pocket button to perform a lob pass you tap the desired receivers icon, and if you like to launch a bullet pass you tap and hold the receivers icon.