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Madden NFL Mobile Game Defense Skills

Published: 2015-01-22 16:49:08 | Clicks:31 | Author:

Hello guys! Last time we talked about how to attack or offensive skills, since every season, I am looking forward to the Madden nfl mobile game series, it not only started on the Super Nintendo with the first Madden game including the NFL combine, but also could actually take the role of a draft prospect from a major college and run through the drills. Some other mobile video games are offered here too~ 
When attacking, you should do it as Blitzkrieg, you unleash the hell that your opponent can react before he lose the march, that is while you have plenty strength or forces, or you would have to defense, especially when your enemy have supreme forces than you. Play it as mobile strategy games!
1.Change players. I’m sorry that I have to start with a “Duh” tip but you need to get really good at changing players on the fly. One little stumble there and you go from having containment to giving up a TD.
2.Man to man. I like to mix up my coverages and I’ll thrown in some zone here and there, but man to man rules. Invest in a couple good corners and suddenly the opposing QB is holding on to the ball longer, which gives you a chance for the sack.
3.Interception swipe. After mastering the all-important change player button, your next job on defense is to time the interception swipe. Practice makes perfect, and once you’ve got it down you’ll be a shutdown pass defender.
4.Be OLB. The outside linebackers have the most freedom to roam sideline to sideline, and they’re not immediately blocked. Invest in a fast OLB so you can rush the passer, stop the runner behind the line of scrimmage and keep up with freakishly fast tight ends. 
5.Or DE. Or if you don’t want to handle the responsibility, just line up at DE and perfect your moves to get past the OT. Nothing is as satisfying as getting a sack.