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Madden NFL Mobile Game: How to be A Qualified Manager?

Published: 2015-01-20 16:24:19 | Clicks:14 | Author:

Hi! Everybody, how was your first work day after the weekend, I spent some really boring time through my work, then I went to swim as usual, I remember last time we talk about mobile video games tricks.
This time, I will introduce some little tricks too, it’s very charming that it almost reminds me of my football march at college, well, I will also tell you some basic tricks if you like this free mobile game download, anyway, I will provide a link below full of interesting mobile strategy games!
1. Madden NFL Mobile game is, at it’s heart, a card based sports game. Half of the battle is getting better cards while you learn how to get good at playing the game.
2. You’ll use both Cash and Gold Coins (premium currency) in your conquest to take over the league. Both are plentiful but upgrades are expensive so you’ll need to invest time to end up on top.
3. Start with the weakest roster spots. I can’t tell you how often a bad OT or PR hurt me in a big game. You’re only as strong as your greatest weakness.
4. Card packs are your friend early on – You have lots of holes to fill and you need to focus on quantity more than quality.
5. Auctions will be the key soon enough – Once your team has advanced from pathetic to benchwarmers, it’s time to hunt for individual skill players to get over the hump.