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Madden NFL Mobile 3 Tough Quaterbacks

Published: 2015-01-30 11:55:10 | Clicks:39 | Author:

Have you feel the hard muscle of the back sleepers last time we talked about, this time we will introduce three tough quaterbacks in this game, and it’s the last article of madden series. We will make tipsfor another mobile video games!  
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Okaland Raiders C.J Wilson Here’s a beastly run-stopping QB from Raider’s team. If you're on a budget and you're looking for a run-stopping RE, I definitely recommend the gold C.J. Wilson.
Wilson is tied for the second-highest Strength rating at his position (93). He also has 93 Tackle, which allows him to easily take down RBs when coming off a block.
Combine that with a solid combo of 87 Power Moves and 88 Block Shedding and you get yourself a very reliable run-stopper.
Minnesota Vikings Philip Loadholt, Like its team’s name Vikings. This guy is completely a viking war ship, and a fearsome defensive tackle. Most Feared Loadholt is ridiculous. With 97 Strength and 98 Run Block, he is great for a run-heavy scheme. As they said.
He's no slouch on passes either, with 91 Pass Block. Pass rushers will have a tough time getting around this big body at 6'8.
New York Jets Deeth Milliner
Here’s a Gold QB from this offensive team: Milliner shines with his instincts to play the man and the ball. While he has only 60 Catch, he has incredible ball-hawking abilities.
Players mainly used him in zone coverage, and he did not allow any balls to get behind him. He's tough in run support and if he touches the ball, it's almost a sure thing that he will hold on to it.
Best wishes to all madden nfl mobile game player, because it’s the last time we write about this game. See you next time!