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Madden NFL Mobile: How to Build a Satisfied Team?

Published: 2015-01-28 16:40:19 | Clicks:21 | Author:

Hi! Guys, I’m Darius from AppGameNews. Recently I’m very lucky to read a strategy by an EA sports developer, I personally love the game company very much. We provide some other mobile strategy games as well. 
Impressed by their slogan “EA Games Challenge Everything”, I played EA games start from need for speed 3 and red alert 2, and was deeply addicted at its Battlefield series. They are challenging football game, I would rather say this mobile version is great. Find more details by clicking free mobile game download.
Firstly, Strengthen Your Defense. Getting good defensive awareness is critical when playing head to head matches. We have introduce how to bid players at live auction, and suggest some really OP players, so read them in previous articles please. Put some tough guys in your back line and make fulls use of defense skills waiting for chances to counter attack.
Secondly, pick out your rivals wisely. When playing head to head matches, take some time to look for some defense weak team. That’s maybe a good choice that you can score.
Open the film feature of the My Rivals screen to see what plays you should counter from your opponent. Moreover, countering their two-point conversion plays can win you a match! 
Thirdly, plan defense strategy, Choose matches you want to play on the defensive strategy screen, mix up you attack tactics and let your enemy can’t guess what is your really plan, and crush them by blitzkrieg or some sort.
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your playing!