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Madden NFL Mobile: Create Your Own Team in Live Auction

Published: 2015-01-26 16:25:39 | Clicks:76 | Author:

Hello! Everyone, hier! Welcome to Madden nfl mobile tutorial, and thanks for supporting our website all the time. Our team will teach you about football and make you become a better madden player. Aber, if you don’t like it, we offer mobile strategy games as well!
Firstly, how was your weekend, did you do some outdoor exercise, or had nothing to do just like me to play some mobile video games?
Firstly, there are some traditional ways to help players to improve madden mobile teams. They can pick up items from packs, or receive rewards from challenges or sets.
But, moreover, players should utilize a more specific target strategy, they are required to identify team needs, and find the right player in live auctions.
To achieve the goal, you’d better manage your lineup, which means The easiest way to evaluate players is with player OVR (overall rating). This is compiled from a player’s individual Attributes, and the formula changes with each different position.
There are some professional tips from EA official, there are: Watch your team OVRs improve as you add better players. There are three OVRs for your team: Offense, Defense, and Special Team.
Secondly, checking players’ attributes is necessary if one need to find more about the player, touch the item in your lineup and open the swap player column. The item’s player attributes are displayed, and replacement players are listed below for comparison.
Also, please remember target important attributes like speed, catch, trucking, man/zone coverage, and play recognition.
The thirdly is very importantly, cause you need to identify your needs. You need to clear your mind for what team do you really need, once that is for sure, just go to live auction in the marketplace and browse available players. Some bargains and surprises may be waiting for you! Here for this free mobile game download, click and find more surprises!