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Mabinogi Duel cheats you’ll cast spells and summon creatures

Published: 2015-11-25 10:09:16 | Clicks:33 | Author:

Mabinogi Duel Gameplay is a fantasy-themed, “true trading” card game for android games with cheats and iOS. It features a unique mechanic of having no random card draws or shuffling, with your whole deck of 12 cards available in your hand at the start of the match. It also features a distinct Korean manga style blended with Western fantasy art.
I've stopped playing the Korean version and started playing the English version! It looks like they added the latest PvP Arena in this version where you can play against other players real-time. In short, there are a lot more PvP Arena Options such as real-time PvP Arena with other players, newbie and veteran Arena vs player ghosts, draft arena vs player ghosts, practice arena, duel arena with a friend, and more! Players can earn free cards from login bonuses, daily missions, and more. The game is pretty good and enjoyable that I didn't mind starting all over again in the English version.
Mabinogi Duel cheats you’ll cast spells and summon creatures as you fight your way to the Holy Land in a quest to cleanse your outcast character’s vilified half-elf nature back to being fully human again, with twists and turns along the way. In the various PVP (player versus player) modes and Arenas, you’ll duel against other players both live and free mobile game download also against their trained A.I. ghosts (which get smarter the more consecutive wins they have against others’ ghosts). Get Mabinogi Duel Reviews at appgamenews. Enjoy Mabinogi Duel video.