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Mabinogi Duel Reviews element system gives off a Magic The Gathering vibe

Published: 2015-11-20 17:10:48 | Clicks:77 | Author:

Mabinogi Duel Gameplay is a portrait mode (optional landscape mode) TCG developed devCAT featuring characters from the original Mabinogi Fantasy Life with a touch of Vindictus artwork. Not being able to read Korean at all, I was somewhat confused with the game system. Thankfully, the tutorial walks players through the basics and advance features of the mobile strategy games. The game runs at 60FPS or something crazy because it's extremely smooth. The developers did a nice job with the UI, it's unique compared to most TCG currently out in the market. Mabinogi Duel Reviews element system gives off a Magic The Gathering vibe.
Mabinogi Duel’s Rookie and Veteran Arenas are the “constructed” format for the game – you take your deck in with you and you play against all the other registered players’ decks in an attempt to earn points and raise your rank within the limited time frame before the Arena finishes (which varies between one to a few days, depending on the Arena type).
Players each control a row of five card slots which they play cards to in typical “lane combat” fashion, summoning Creatures (which include structures and locations, too) and casting instant Spells in their turn. However, that’s not all — another unique element is the leveling system that occurs in a single game. Players and their cards start off at Level 1 with one action per turn used for playing cards or charging to gain a resource. Players slowly gain experience points during the duel from the various actions they take until they are Level 3, which yields three actions per turn.
The art for the Mabinogi Duel cheats game looks impeccable. Even if you aren’t into trading card free android games download you have to admit that devCAT did a great job with some of the card designs and the aesthetics of the creatures and characters. So far the feedback from users have been positive for the title, but it may take a while before some worthwhile criticisms surface. Enjoy Mabinogi Duel video.