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Lumino City Game Review You Will Be Interested

Published: 2015-11-03 16:28:03 | Clicks:7 | Author:

How about your experience with Lumino City walkthrough we provided some earlier time. Hope the information will be useful for you. Of course we will keep updating more related information for you via our website. What we would like to introduce for today is some Lumino City Review for you. And if you want to play other hot mobile games, also can check here. Currently 11 Circle game, and Octodad Dadliest Catch game both are available here.
Check the below information to play Lumino City game better:
World of felt and wood
At any rate, Lumino City is one gorgeous-looking game.
A young girl, Lumi, must track down her grandfather after he's spirited away. Her travels quickly take her to Lumino City, a delightfully ramshackle (and hand-assembled!) town seemingly crafted with felt, sticks, and wood.
But these childish materials betray the darker story churning within the city walls.
Lumino City is pretty linear and there's not a lot of backtracking. Though some adventure game purists might argue this goes against the spirit of the genre, it's not such a bad thing when you consider the game's lack of highlighted hotspots.
It really cuts down on the guess-work and forces you to focus on your immediate settings.
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