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Learn Warbits Review To Make Your Game Faster

Published: 2016-04-19 14:10:19 | Clicks:8 | Author:

With the release of Warbits, have you played this amazing game? Is it fun? Well, if you have played any of the Advance Wars series, then you are familiar with the basics of Warbits. This article will share with Warbits review and offer you some tips in order to make your game faster! Also, if you want to get more other top free strategy games, just keep your eyes on appgamenews.com.

Warbits has a 20 mission campaign that you can play to hone your skills and get ready for the true test of the game which is its online multiplayer component. Warbits offers two forms of online play. Custom Matches that you create and play using your Game Center contacts or AI opponents or Tag Matches that let you create--or join--a game using a tag such as #FFA, #2v2 or anything you want to use to distinguish games. Tagging an online game lets you get matched with players using the same tag. Currently Risky Labs is using tags to match people who want to play with Fog of War enabled, set turn limits or beginners looking for games against other new players. When you start a tagged match the system either connects you to a game that is waiting for players or, if none is available, gives you the option to create a new game. This match tagging is a great feature and it will be interesting to see how this develops after release.

There are 29 multiplayer maps for 1v1 games and an additional 11 maps for four-player or 2v2 team games. They range in size from the aptly named Knife Fight map which is 9x5 to Scramble with is 21x18. You can enable or disable Fog of War to limit what you can see of your opponent's moves and also disable or enable the Powers in the game. In the Advance War series each of the Commanders had Powers they could activate after they had accumulated enough energy. In Warbits ios there are no Commanders so there is a set of 16 Powers that all players have access to that you can activate from your Headquarters. Powers are, well, powered using Charges that you get from destroying enemy units or the Reactor terrain elements that are on the maps. The Powers all have varying effects from buffing your infantry, healing units that are resupplied, allowing all units to move a second time or making transport units immune from attack. None of the Powers are truly game-changing but can be cannily used to inflict a punishing attack on your opponent. With a few exceptions most require some planning to get the most use from and they tend to reward careful gameplay.

The art style of the game is a unique blend of sci-fi, vector art and has an oddly retro feel. Everything from the terrain to the units themselves are crisp and visually appealing. The graphics scale well regardless of the size of your display which is critical when moving from device to device as you play. The game looks just as good on a iPad 2 as it does on a iPhone Retina display. The game's UI also scales very well to smaller displays and I have not had any issues playing the game on my iPhone despite suffering from what can only politely be called 'hot dog fingers'.

The server system that Risky Labs has built for Warbits lets you seamlessly change devices and carry on asynchronous games without a hitch. Server communication is very fast and I have played upwards of 100 games and several thousand turns without any communication issues. I have been lucky enough to be part of the beta-testing team for the game for some time now and Risky Labs could have shipped this game some time ago. They have spent over a year since the last beta test cycle working on the game, fine-tuning the maps, removing first-player-advantage where it existed and polishing Warbits to the point where it is almost perfect. There have been some network issues but those are almost all the result of a long-known, and only recently fixed, iOS Game Center bug. Updating to iOS 9.3.2 will solve any Game Center problems you might encounter.

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