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Learn More About Warbits Game by Warbits Review

Published: 2016-04-21 14:40:55 | Clicks:27 | Author:

Have you ever played Advance Wars? If so, you can find that the mechanics of Warbits will feel immediately familiar. As Warbits ios was released, lots of players have played it and would like to share some walkthrough with you. If you like this game, just pay attention to our site to get Warbits tips and reviews. Besides, we are also offering you plenty of other top free strategy game, just enjoy!

You play a robotic army of ground and air units ranging from light infantry to artillery to dropships and bombers trying to destroy the opposing army across varied maps. During your military campaign of conquest, you'll capture cities, factories, and airports across levels to gain economic advantages and pump out more offensive units to destroy your enemies. Levels are broken out on rectangular grids and you'll take turns moving your units on the battlefields' terrains, which can provide defensive advantages depending on where your units land. Across the 20 mission single-player campaign, the game does a good job of tutorializing how the different units work, including ammo, range, and terrain types, and how fog of war and vision ranges impact your next move. However, this tutorial holds your hand for perhaps too long, making the single player mode feel too easy overall. The single-player missions don't get challenging until the final few levels.

In Warbits review, the graphics and sound evoke the cartoon-like spirit of the game's premise: the robots play a war simulation tool to settle everyday decisions and disputes. The campaign's in-between mission dialogue is light-hearted and jovial, fitting with the game's tone. The armies are named, but the characters themselves aren't very fleshed out and the story is thin. By contrast, the Advance Wars series' stories included interesting interpersonal relationships between its characters, and later titles in that franchise even played with this, as some commanding officer pairs could team up and gain unit bonuses. Additionally, while it's possible to mute or unmute both the background music and sound effects, there's no individual volume control for either, which is a shame because the sound effects play way too loudly over the playful level music. These are minor gripes, but still disappointing considering the inspiration.

The multiplayer aspect of Warbits is the game's main selling point, and potentially ground-breaking for strategy games on the mobile platform. Like Advance Wars, Warbits offers many multiplayer levels. There are 29 1v1 maps and an additional 11 maps for 4-player or 2v2 games. The game's servers work well across both iPhones and iPads and help players complete asynchronous matches without any hitching or lag. Warbits enforces a 48-hour move limit between turns. If other players don't play their turns before the timer runs out, the game will end. This is a huge improvement over many other multiplayer mobile games. If you've played mobile strategy games like Hero Academy, Outwitters, or Clash of Clans, you know some matches drag on if your opponent doesn't stay on top of their notifications. In addition, Risky Labs implemented a unique hashtag system for Tag Match custom multiplayer lobbies to keep players engaged. Only want to play with your friends? Start your own hashtag. Have no friends? Join one of the suggested public tags to play against the world or against (hard) AI bots locally.

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