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Learn More About Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure Game

Published: 2015-11-11 14:24:19 | Clicks:27 | Author:

Bigfoot Hunter game with unique camera gameplay mechanics has been launched in mobile game marketing , Global games publisher R2Games, in collaboration with The Tap Lab, comes an innovative camera game designed from the ground up specifically for iOS devices.

When we first heard about the news, we immediately began picturing another Pokémon Snap-alike. The camera-toting N64 game has had an unexpected resurgence in recent months, with the charming Snapimals and under-the-radar Finding Monsters Adventure appearing out of seemingly nowhere. The idea of capturing photos of wild animals while on the search for the elusive Bigfoot gave us a similar Snap vibe.

As game suggests, Bigfoot Hunter video shows tasks players with tracking down these elusive beasts, and immortalizing them photographically. Players will use their devices as a camera to snap pics of cute critters and dangerous predators while searching campsites, mountain peaks, sunny beaches, and other exotic lands for signs of Bigfeet (Bigfoot, Yeti, Sasquatch & more). Each character has special abilities such as throwing snowballs, doing cartwheels and summoning woodland creatures to avoid the player’s camera.

Also feature in the game is a Photo Booth: players can superimpose characters, costumes and items earned by playing Bigfoot Hunter on their own, real world photographs. These photos can  be saved and shared with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

From bigfoot hunter reviews, this new partnership with The Tap Lab cements R2Games’ ongoing drive to bringing unique and fresh games to their global audience. David P. Chiu, Vice President of R2Games USA comments that “We are always on the lookout for uniquely creative titles from talented developers, so Bigfoot Hunter from The Tap Lab was a natural fit for us. We jumped at the opportunity to work with them to bring this project to fruition.”

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