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Launches on Mobile strategy games Skylanders Battlecast gameplay Trading Card

Published: 2016-06-02 10:34:21 | Clicks:22 | Author:

Skylanders Battlecast tips feels like Hearthstone for younger players, combining the one-vs-one card battling gameplay with characters from the immensely popular Skylanders franchise. Some cards can only be used by certain Skylanders, and players can change their active Skylander on each turn to use these cards. Inactive Skylanders will rest on the sidelines of the battlefield, and they will regain lost hit points on each turn if they’ve taken damage. Finally, even if users have already cast one or more cards on their turn, they can also trigger a basic attack with their active Skylander before ending their turn.
players have the option to purchase real-world Skylanders Battlecast battle packs and booster packs, which contain real cards that can be activated within the game. Users can scan these cards with their device’s camera to add them to their in-game deck. Once a card is scanned, it comes to life via augmented reality.
The mobile game marketing allows users to create and customize multiple decks, and while users can create each deck one card at a time, they can also allow the game to autofill their decks with cards appropriate to the Skylanders they’ve chosen. Each relic has an effect on a match, which lasts until the relic is destroyed by the other team or is replaced by another relic. Finally, gear cards contain gear items that can be equipped to a skylanders battlecast strategy to change its stats.