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Latest warped mobile Stretch Dungeon game gaming masterpiece

Published: 2016-09-13 14:20:58 | Clicks:32 | Author:

Stretch Dungeon game is a typical Nitrome effort. That is, it's intuitive, moreish, has a pixel-art style that's somehow completely distinctive, and has that little smidgen of something different that sets it apart from the crowd. At heart Stretch Dungeon is an endless dropper. Your put-upon bearded protagonist gets freed from his suspended cage at the top free strategy games of a vast vertical dungeon, and it's up to you to guide his descent. This is where Nitrome supplies its glorious twist.
Stretch Dungeon is a dungeon game with the creepiest dungeon we’ve ever seen in a game. The dungeon in this game isn’t filled with gruesome half dead creatures, disgusting puddles of stuff we probably don’t want to talk about, or loads of skeletons. So, how is this the creepiest dungeon we’ve ever seen? Stretch Dungeon is a game about a guy that has been locked up for way too long, a living dungeon, and spikes… lots of spikes… Your mission in this game is to control the living dungeon.
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