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Latest game apps Tropical Wars Review to Have More Fun

Published: 2016-04-26 18:07:06 | Clicks:11 | Author:

Tropical Wars Review (Free on iOS, Android) – This base-building combat game from Tilting Point and developer Vertige allows players to lead a koala army in naval battles. Gamers build a base and construct ships using key resources, and during battle, players drag their ships around a grid to attack enemies. The mobile strategy games includes a single-player campaign, as well as player-vs-player battles.
Tilting Point has a history of publishing some pretty awesome mobile games, and that's the case once again with the upcoming Tropical Wars which they'll be publishing for French developer Vertige. Tropical Wars Tips is a naval action-strategy game where you play as a band of koala bear pirates, and normally that premise alone would be enough to sell me on the game, but there's another really cool aspect at play here. You'll be able to control your various naval units directly and in real-time. This adds a nice layer of Tropical Wars Strategy Guide as you manage your various units and decide when and where to deploy each of them, changing things on the fly if need be, rather than in some strategy games where you just queue up a bunch of units and watch them battle it out. Check out the trailer for Tropical Wars.
Tropical Wars Cheats is currently in soft-launch in at least Canada and possibly some other regions, so if you are among those more adventurous mobile gamers who likes to download games from around the world while they're in soft-launch, you can hit up the forum thread for a link to do just that. It might even be worth hitting the link just to see if the mobile game marketing is available in your normal region.