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Latest Strategy Guides for Build Away! - Idel City Builder

Published: 2016-06-23 18:55:22 | Clicks:32 | Author:

Have you tried the latest app game Build Away! - Idel City Builder? Want to become a top builder? If so, feel free to check our strategy guides offered here! Follow these Build Away! Tips to beat your friends! More useful tips, keep close here!
- Build Up Your Military Early, establishing a healthy military presence before focusing on expansion means you won’t have to sweat bullets (over fears of invasion) for the first few years after colonizing a new planet.
- Keep Your Influence Stream +2 Or Higher (Preferably Higher). Having a steady stream of Influence is one of the most important things to secure for your empire. Democracies generally have a pretty healthy flow during the early game but it can be easy to overextend yourself, drying up your Influence without realizing it. 
- Prioritize Presidential Mandates. Each time your empire elects a new leader, he/she will enter office with some kind of mandate. If they’re a scientist, it’ll probably be a promise to build new mining or research stations. Political affiliation can also play a role in the mandate. 
- Save Some Influence For A Rainy Day. One thing that Stellaris doesn’t do a great job of communicating to the player, until it’s too late, is that the scientists and other personnel hired by your empire eventually die. It makes sense, given the semi-realistic nature of the game, but doesn’t make the task of hiring a replacement any less expensive.
- Use Frontier Outposts For Early Expansion. Several requirements must be met before players can begin to assemble colony ships, the transport vessels used to establish colonies on habitable worlds outside your home system. But that doesn’t mean you can’t lay claim to some of the star systems near your homeworld while you wait for you science ship(s) to discover new planets worth colonizing. Frontier Outposts aren’t cheap and negatively impact your monthly Influence income. If you don’t want to spend too much money on game, just make the best of Build away! Cheats to improve your gameplay experience!
- Use Trade To Improve Relations, Each time you make contact with a new empire, its leader will be added to the list of available diplomats on your Contacts screen. Next to each leader, a red or green number lets you know how favorably (or unfavorably) that empire views yours. The easiest way to improve relations between two empires is to establish an embassy, which automatically increases your favorability rating by one each month, but each player can only have three embassies at any given time. To improve relations with the rest of the field, you’ll need to rely on successful trade negotiations.
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