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Latest One More Jump Review and Basic Guides

Published: 2016-09-08 14:51:21 | Clicks:25 | Author:

Guess you’ve tried one More Jump game. So what do you think of this tight and exciting arcade game? It is a platform requires you to use one finger. It seems easy to start, but hard to control. What you need to do is collecting gems and unlock as many levels as possible while you jumping. Here find the latest One More Jump review here!
It's sharp, it's hard, and you're going to have a decent amount of fun playing it.The game sees you making your way through a series of levels. They're essentially colourful platforms suspended in space, and you're a cheery little block that's jumping around on them.
You can only walk on platforms that are white. Touch anything else and you'll explode and get dumped back to the beginning of the level. You run automatically, and the only direct control you have is tapping the screen to jump in the air. The levels aren't massive, but they offer a decent level of challenge from the get go.
And the deeper you get in the more the game adds. You're bashing into bumpers that switch your direction or hurl you into the air, dealing with gravitational forces, and leaping onto platforms that weren't there a second before.
And the whole thing pushes you on brilliantly. The challenge is high, but not so high that you think a level is impossible. And the levels open up in blocks, so even if you do get stuck you can have a crack at something else. When you failed a level a certain numbers of times, play ads to start it over again!
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