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Latest Farming Simulator 16 Game Guides Update

Published: 2015-08-11 18:29:06 | Clicks:456 | Author:

Farming Simulator 16 game is a new mobile game app, and most players praised this game that it can provides them with chance for farming. Among so many best game apps for ios, this Farming Simulator 16 is a nice option if you are looking for some easy and interesting simulation game. Here, we would like to introduce you some practical tips and guides for how to play this game better! Please read on if you are interested!
- Get familiar with the controls. There’s no real tutorial to speak of, so you’ll want to learn what the button icons mean as soon as possible. From bottom-left to bottom-right: the steering slider, switch vehicles, detach tools, activate tools, hire assistant, honk the horn, and throttle (i.e. forward/backward, general speed).
- Start harvesting immediately. You’ll have two fields of your own right away - one that’s full of wheat and ready to harvest, and another that needs to be cultivated. It’s very important that you start harvesting that wheat right away, otherwise you run the risk of it going bad.
- Then get familiar with your tools. Your harvester is pretty easy to figure out from the start (it’s the big yellow thing and it already has the appropriate header attached) but you also have one tractor and a few things that can attach to the back of it - a cultivator (the flat-looking green thing), a sowing machine (the red thing), and a tipper (the green bin on wheels). Please feel free to check out the Farming Simulator 16 gameplay provided and get some skills!
- Cultivating is also a good idea. You can use your tractor to cultivate your fields and make them ready for sowing. You can also save time by hiring an assistant to drive your harvester, having them harvest your first wheat field, and manually cultivating the second field yourself. Stay tuned for more Farming Simulator 16 guides!
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