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Latest Despicable Me Minion Rush Cheats & Tips

Published: 2015-07-10 11:25:14 | Clicks:16 | Author:

Despicable Me: Minion game is based on the hit movies Despicable Me. This endless running game requires plays safely run through various areas as the best minion of all - Dave, Whilst collecting bananas and avoiding running into dangerous objects in the runway. It is a pretty funny game with beautiful graphics and simply play. If you are fond of such kinds of mobile strategy games but hardly play better, consult some strategy guides offered at our website! Read on. 
First of all, the most obvious thing is to just collect literally as many bananas as you possibly can. Quite a few of the minion upgrades can be bought with bananas, so you’ll want to hold on your bananas for some of the better ones that can really give you an advantage whilst running through the course. We keep providing you with Despicable Me: Minion Rush cheats here, so keep close here if you are interested!
If you’re not against spending a little money on the game, get the Golden Banana, this will give you twice as many bananas as you collect, more bananas means that you wont have to spent as much time collecting in order to get that specific thing you’ve been saving for.
If you have a Facebook, link your game up to your account, not only will you be able to challenge and taunt your friends; you also get rewarded with Gru tokens just for linking your account. Every day that you do connect to Facebook, you will be rewarded with a Gru token, this is pretty cool, especially considering how hard these are to come by.
As you get more into the game and are able to travel further, you’ll notice that you’ll start coming across special bonus items which can be used to help you along a little bit. To power up these special items, go on over to the main menu where they can be activated with small portions of your bananas, some can get expensive though, so make your choice wisely. For example, if the level you are about to run is challenging you to destroy ice sheets, you will probably want to power up the freeze ray, this will make the challenge so much easier and you make it through the game a whole lot faster. Just pay attention to your challenges as these will usually give you hints on what, if any, power up to use.
If you find yourself feeling unsure about which power up you ought to use, there are a couple of power ups that as being always useful, so consider either the banana splitter or the fluffy unicorn, you cannot go wrong with these two. More bananas, more upgrades. You can easily get Despicable Me Minion Rush download for free from this site!
Overall, this Despicable Me Minion Rush game is really an interesting and addictive game. It is a good choice for killing the time. Just take advantage these tips to better your running skills in the game. What’s more, there are various categories of other top free strategy games available here! Find your favorite ones!