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Kickerinho World Reviews You Can’t Miss

Published: 2016-06-16 11:33:07 | Clicks:4 | Author:

Hi, guys! If you're a fan of football, you must like this type of game - Kickerinho World. There's a lot going on right now, what with Euro 2016 kicking off in France. Unsurprisingly enough that means there's been a bunch of new kicky-ball-ball games landing on the App Store. Want to get Kickerinho World reviews and tips? Appgamenews is your best choice!

Kickerinho World sits very much at the casual end of the scale. Essentially it's a game of keepy-uppy played out with a variety of taps. It's got some interesting ideas, including a league mode that lets you show off your skills to your friends. There's frustration here too, though, but most of the time you'll be having enough fun that it won't matter.

If you have Kickerinho World walkthrough, you should know that rather than being a kick about, the game is a kick up and down. You're controlling a single player and trying to keep the ball airborne for as long as possible. You've got a series of commands to help you achieve this. Tapping the left of the screen kicks out your left foot, tapping the right kicks out your right. A tap on both sides of the screen heads the ball, and a long press performs a stall where you balance the ball on part of your body.

In the challenge mode you have a set number of tricks to perform to complete every level. You need to tap just as the ball is about to hit your foot. There's some margin for error, but it's not huge - tap too late or too early and you fail. If you get your taps just right you'll get a pretty purple flourish. It doesn't do much in the challenges, but when you're playing a league match it becomes pretty important.

League is essentially an endless online mode. Your best score is posted to the game's servers and you can work your way up the rankings if you persevere. Striking perfect hits here tops up your frenzy meter and gives you extra points.

According to our experience, we’ve got some useful Kickerinho World cheats. To begin with the game can be pretty annoying. The timing of your kicks feels a little too vague, and you'll often watch in despair as the ball rolls away after missing your last kick by a millisecond. Things do start to click after a while though, and the feeling when you finish a tricky challenge or beat your high score is pretty good.

Whether the game has the longevity to stick around on your phone is another matter entirely, but you'll probably have fun with it while it's there. There are some annoying adverts here and there, and it does all get a bit grindy after a while, but if you fancy a quick kick here and there, give it a look.

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