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Jenga Game Cheats Updated for You to Play

Published: 2015-07-28 16:14:23 | Clicks:9 | Author:

It will be great for you to arrive at our website. Here you can get free mobile game cheats, mobile game download, and free games videos. If you have not checked these. Better to check them right now. Jenga game is a popular game in mobile game marketing right now. You can check and make download via our website. Of course we will keep updating some useful Jenga tips, hope will be useful for you.
Placing the Blocks on Top
Removing the blocks is only half the process in Jenga; you also need to place the removed blocks on top. Stack the blocks in the middle first, then move to the outside. After the middle block is placed, try to stack the block opposite of the side of which it was removed, in an attempt to counterbalance the weight. As you place the block down on the top, lower it as closely as possible into position, then drop it down. Placing it down directly may cause accidental pressure that results in destruction.
Properly Removing Side Blocks
As the game progress, you eventually have to remove the dreaded side blocks. In Jenga game, it is against the rules to use more than one hand at a time; this means difficulty in removing load-bearing blocks with a steady hand. Instead of taking the block out sideways, slowly push or lightly tap the block forward until it is halfway through. Where the block is protruding out of the structure, place your finger underneath the block, and try to flick or nudge the block farther out until you can grab it.
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