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Introduce An Interesting Mobile Game - King Tongue Game

Published: 2015-11-20 16:22:55 | Clicks:31 | Author:

How about your schedule for this coming weekend? If do not have any plan, mobile app games will be a good choice for you to relax. We have updated the most popular and newest mobile games via our website. Now Warhammer 4K Freeblade game, 11 Circle game and King Tongue game ect are available on our website. Players can check and make download then. Now we would like to share a brief introduction for King Tongue.
The information provided below will be some features about King Tongue ios:
.King Tongue is an old-school arcade game where you use jumps and combo sequences to try and get the highest score!
.Your tongue is one of a kind in the animal kingdom! This one-button grappling hook lets you hang, swing, and throw yourself to and fro with an ease rarely seen with a single finger!
.Take on the waves of bananasoldiers, each with more improbable weapons than the last (bananazookas, bananacopters, superbananas, and more)! It’s up to you to find and exploit their weaknesses...
.There are 30 magnificent and peaceful (before you got there, anyway) arenas in 3 worlds for you to drool over (and to make you suffer)!
.Unlock new monkeys! What’s after King Tongue? You can play with Ping Thongue and Hong Tongue! In addition to having their own style, each primate has a different specialty!
.The holy grail of this very lofty quest: an infinite mode to show who’s boss! This is where you want to score! Who’s the King of the kings!?
.Once you’ve purchased King Tongue, there’ll be no nasty surprises: you’ll own the complete game!
.The game is 100% playable offline, so you can play it wherever and whenever you want.
We will update new King Tongue cheats and gameplay for you from now on. And if you want to play other top free strategy games, our website will be a great choice for you!