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How to be a rich skater in subway surfers?

Published: 2015-01-30 12:16:38 | Clicks:11 | Author:

The era of this game has keep for one year, still hot on top free mobile games leaderboard. And now, we are gonna talk about the game for the last time, because we will make strategies for more mobile strategy games.
Practice more: Since each runs are different, you will not just memorize every level and try the same thing over and over again till you have high score. You need to practice so that you can see the patterns coming and react in time. You probably won’t get a very high score when you first start, but after a few weeks of practice, you’ll start to see it creeping closer and closer to that elusive 1,000,000 point total. Keep at it!
Often grab more coins, It may seem obvious, but it can’t be stressed enough. For a really high score, you need to be grabbing as many coins as possible. This means using your powerups to their maximum effectiveness, performing perfect runs and lane changes, and not missing the timing of your jumps.
At last, Collect coins for the chance to earn new characters. Every coin that you come across moves you toward that 100 coins that is required in order to purchase a new character. Once you have 100 coins you will be able to put the coins into a prize machine/Gacha, and a random new character will come out.
See you next time in another game reviews!