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How to Play Winter Fugitives 2 Chronicles Game Better

Published: 2016-08-01 18:37:47 | Clicks:21 | Author:

There are various kinds of mobile games in mobile game marketing. Which kind of mobile games do you like best? Different people may have different answers. Today, I want to highly recommend a new game to you. You can't miss Winter Fugitives 2 Chronicles game if you like to play adventure games. 
Maybe some player has played Winter Fugitives last year. HeavyBoat released an interesting take on the endless, one-hop-at-a-time Crossy Road-style gameplay with their game Winter Fugitives in August of last year. In addition to progressing forward one square at a time and navigating the terrain, you also had to contend with patrolling guards who would walk in set paths and had a "vision cone" of sorts like you'd see in pretty much any stealth game like Metal Gear Solid. Coupled with a prison break storyline and a Cold War art style.
For the most part, Winter Fugitives 2 seems to follow the wonderful advice of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" but it does offer some nifty new features this time around like a mission system and an unlockable Hardcore Mode. In addition, much like the first game, there will be plenty of unique playable characters that change up how you play the game. 
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