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How to Play Bigfoot Hunter Easily?

Published: 2015-11-10 14:10:02 | Clicks:23 | Author:

Appgamenews.com, as your professional mobile game site, provides more mobile strategy games. Now we are talking about the pretty interesting bigfoot hunter game.
In this game, you have to shoot animals. Of course it is not in real life, but really hard to do. Bigfoot Hunter: A Camera Adventure Game is all about shooting wildlife with a camera, not with a weapon.

There are some Bigfoot Hunter cheats for you:

Before wasting your time, you should look for Bigfoot firstly and learn to be a hunter. If you want to spend time to gain ten miles over the nearest logging road, then you’d better get there scent free.Three weeks before the hunt begin drinking one and a half cups of lemon juice diluded in a half gallon of water, sweetened to your own taste.  

This will eliminate all body oder in about 15 days. Then continue drinking all through the hunt.  You should wash all your clothes three times without detergent and take no baths for two days before setting out.  

Bigfoot hunters need to do the same thing to be successful in mobile video games.

Keep quite. Do not talk loudly in camp and on the hunt. If hunting after dark, do not move, talk, or appear taller than two feet high. Hunker down, shut up, don't move, don't have a store-bought scent. Take no food on the hunt. Nothing.
Remember: you need to find a nocturnal, intelligent, shy mobile animal, not a human. They make sense that you have more, and their senses are highly refined from an evolutionary standpoint.  

If there is a Bigfoot out, it won't be hanging around in which a bunch of morons are screaming into a mircophone and yelling back and forth between groups of them.  

They blend in to the environment, state quiet, and don't move, so military snipers are so successful.  
Knowing about these, have you get to know how to through it? According to bigfoot hunter reviews, we would like to share more related useful cheats for all your players. If you want to get more tips of it, you also can go to the site to watch bigfoot hunter video. Just enjoy!