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How To Be The Master of Dots & Co Game

Published: 2016-08-05 16:51:48 | Clicks:14 | Author:

Are you looking for some professional site for apps game cheats? If so, appgamenews.com is definitely your best choice. Today, I want to share some Dots & Co cheats with you. By the way, there are many top free strategy games on our site.
Dots & Co game took a simple mechanic -- matching two or more dots of the same color -- and added a bunch of great power-ups, varying goals, constant content updates, new mechanics as you progress and a great visual style. It was a huge improvement over the original Dots and was one of the best examples of a free-to-play game that doesn't nickel-and-dime you to death. It's easy to play and succeed in the game without ever spending a dollar, if that's what you want to do.
The most noticeable change is the new "companions" that help you in each level. Fortunately, these helpers are very subtle. You'll see them at the top of your screen as you play through a level -- a big penguin or eskimo smiling down on you as you play through the level. Throughout the playing field are companion dots; clearing those helps fill up an energy bar at the top of the screen. When it's full, your companion drops a special move in the screen to help you progress.
This changes the way you play the game in pretty significant ways. In Two Dots, my main focus was on making color-clearing squares to jump-start my progress if I was having a tough time with a level. Now, you can either try and make squares or link together companion dots to get a boost. If you want, you can replenish your energy using tokens, but those tokens need to be bought using real-life money, unfortunately. The game starts you with 25, and you can use them to replenish your energy fully, give your companion a power-up at the beginning of a level or get some extra moves if you fail to complete a level.
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